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sou.universe【White Christmas】


作詞・作曲 sou.universe

ボカロ曲【White Christmas】sou.universeのオリジナル

Verse 1

In this cold season, city glitters

and we notice that it's snowing outside just now

We see Christmas tree and flickering lights

from the window of this house

Children can’t wait for Christmas presents

Santa Clause is busy working all night in city

He will run through holy night

with his two reindeer and sled

Pre-Chorus 1

City is quiet

with a white powder snow and lighting up orange street lamps

Those who come and go

wear the thick gloves and the long coats, it’s crowded

Verse 2

I wish you a happy Christmas today

with your lover or family, let’s toast a white Christmas

We have cake and snacks, drink a glass of juice

with special Christmas music

Children get presents from Santa Clause

There are colorful wrapped boxes of various size

Children open them with happy faces

and I hear happy chatter

Pre-Chorus 2

Tree is beautiful

with many ornaments and bule illumination lights

Those who are near tree

take pleasure in decoration in the room







  • 作曲家、編曲家、音楽プロデューサー
  • 小説家、ブロガー、コピーライター、マーケタ



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