MUSIC オリジナル曲の紹介


作詞・作曲 sou.universe

Verse 1
I was born in this large universe in short period.
I seriously managed to work constructively to go on surviving.
We were born in this large universe in short period.
We have own life style. We continue to walk on the own long path.

Pre-Chorus 1
If we gaze the blue star from far distance away in the universe.
I feel the life is fragile and tiny.
I can’t hear the strategy of labor for all age people which government issued.
I can’t hear from here.

I can imagine.
I and you enjoy spacewalk.
The world might be free.
We should create the dream.
“You must make the path to which you go correct”
My old brother said to me.
If I have a lot of destination, I must get both of them. Do not give up as one way.
I ate old bitter fruit, and I learned the mean of the word deeply and deeply.

Verse 2
The coming next era, the robot will work instead of us.
Good life is coming soon for the most people. I can’t wait to meet robot.
Clever person will build the company where the robots are rent easily.
Then people will focus on their dream for their life.

Pre-Chorus 2
I am composers.
You will be singer.
We will hold the concert and go with the tour in America.
We can get a lot of money.
We have enough time to spend holiday.
Billboard says
“Tomorrow is yours”




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颯 Sou

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