sou.universeのオリジナル曲の Just the way you are

MUSIC オリジナル曲の紹介

sou.universe【Just the way you are】


作詞・作曲 sou.universe

ボカロ曲【Just the way you are】sou.universeのオリジナル

We were made to introduce each.
Our seniors forced us to do so.
My friend complained that they had already known us.
It was five times.
After four years later,
he became a bassist adored by male juniors.
We had played a lot of music.
We were famous band in the club.

Pre-Chorus 1
He was popular with foreign girls.
He drove with different girl,
was playboy but trustworthy.

When cherry blossoms bloomed flowers,
he went to Tokyo to start his work.
But I stayed in a university.
I like you just the way you are.
I wanna say "thank you".
You will not meet me again because of your character.
Come back once whenever you like.
I like you just the way you are.

Pre-Chorus 2
The paint of his bass was peeled.
He was a heavy smoker.
Sometimes he raged but he was good man.





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