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sou.universe【Stand by】

作詞・作曲 sou.universe

Verse 1
Tastes differ even if these are same recipe
about her cooking for me at every meal.
“You never get tired no matter how many times you eat
that is reason why “she said.

When I’m hungry, I think of her.
I used to remember her
when I watch her key holder
which she gave me long time ago.

She makes an ambiguous remark.
She is right though, since she loves for health.
She knows many spices.
She does not rot foods.
She cooks me well.
And she is satisfied with my hunger.
You stand by me.

Verse 2
Man might judge the good taste by the amount of salt.
She makes the dish weak to be mindful of my health.
She taught me taste of original vegetable.
“My mother taught me the amount” she said.






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颯 Sou

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