sou.universeのオリジナル曲のA Little Curiosity

MUSIC オリジナル曲の紹介

sou.universe【A Little Curiosity】


作詞・作曲 sou.universe

ボカロ曲【A Little Curiosity】sou.universeのオリジナル

Verse 1
He goes ahead without you,
If you hesitate yet.
he enjoys that is reason why.
He is away from you.
The same day as before

Pre-Chorus 1
He visited me.
He knocked the door however.

He said to me that he likes her smile and he has a little curiosity. ah ah
I think you really steal his heart since you met him.
However do you want to hear ?

Verse 2
What’s going on in your heart ?
If you don’t change your thought,
you should approach him by yourself.
You can make it better.
The new day comes to you.

Pre-Chorus 2
He walks street ahead.
I softly push back finally.





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