sou.universe【If you close your eyes】

sou.universe【If you close your eyes】


作詞・作曲 sou.universe

Verse 1
Radio, mixed engine noise in one red car, you are concentrating on ceremony master bright some talk.
Bad mood you talk to me yesterday happening.
At first I cannot understand what you say at that moment I am out of bay.

Pre-Chorus 1
Sometimes I behave disordered manner to you I let you worry.
Now I beg your pardon about my negligence, but I didn’t realize that my carelessness make you feel bad.
Trust me again to never do.

You might call back in the darkness soon, if you close your eyes.
Your sense becomes sharper than usual a bit. You calm down. 
We climb front high walls even though we are unliked everyday everytime.
I don’t know your worry, but you feel that too twist mind complicates matters right?
It’s easy to resolve, push and pull the walls, you’ll melt the ice.
Tomorrow morning, you will doubt that you stick such matters.
I wanna watch smile again, because you look best lalalala.

Station, old green message board is not used.Long time ago, I used to write a message to meet you. Remember?
Sometimes I waited for one or two hours at the station.
I experienced I couldn’t meet. But our relationship didn’t break.

Pre-Chorus 2
Sometimes I behave disorder manner to you I let you wait.
Now I beg your pardon about my negligence, but I couldn’t catch the train that bring me to your place on time. 
Forgive me and never do.