sou.universeのオリジナル曲の Clover

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作詞・作曲 sou.universe

We looked for a four-leaf clover old days.
I heard that it brings happiness to people who had found it.
I had passion loooking for it with you and I forgot about time.
My old house and that place where clover grew are about 5 minutes away.

Pre-Chorus 1
We had no reason to start to look for. I only had much time.
I think of days long past. 
The curiosity goes away as snow melt down without lying on the both hands. I wish I had childish passion as we played.

What passion do you have now?
What passion do you lose now?
What passion do you get next?
Where have you lived since you moved?
Do you look for a four-leaf clover with your passion?
If you are here, can you look for it with me?

Pre-Chorus 2
There is no place where I played with you as we please.
There is no old woman who took care of us.
Many houses are crowded with each other in this big city.
I can’t forget looking for a four-leaf clover with you in those days.




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颯 Sou

【経歴】京大院卒/大企業/自由を求め脱出/作曲家・ブロガーのフリーランス 【作曲】21曲リリース/AWA動画広告BGMプログラム採用実績あり/Audiostock審査通過/委嘱楽曲の提供経験あり 小学校でピアノを習い、中学校でアコギを買い、高校でエレキを始め、大学で軽音サークルに入り、社会人から作曲家でボカロPとして音楽活動をしています。 【ブログ】soublog500記事/昨年13万PV 社会人になってからブログ制作を開始。最初はボカロ活動を広めることを目的に執筆。「ボカロPになるには」というキーワードで検索順位1位に。また途中から自己啓発を発信し、「自己啓発 一覧」というキーワードで1位を獲得経験あり。SEOを考慮したブログノウハウも発信中。

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