sou.universeのオリジナル曲のMy Girlfriend

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sou.universe【My Girlfriend】

作詞・作曲 sou.universe

ボカロ曲【My Girlfriend】sou.universeのオリジナル

Verse 1
You leaned on me while the night breeze touch her skin in the dry beach.
I wrote a love letter that estimate our love.
I hope you remember the night at the beach when I offered it to you.
We gazed night sky together with chatting.

You gave me a difficult question with prank.
Every time I prepare best answer for you.
You make me think for an answer even if you don't want it.
You enjoy just my thinking process which is my interesting.

Oh you are my girlfriend.
Oh you are my girlfriend.
Happiness comes to you.
I bring it for you.
Happiness comes to you with me.
Oh you are my girlfriend.
Oh you are my girlfriend.
The heel kicked off in beach is shaken by ripple.
I remember forever.

Verse 2
I spent with you in fire festival.
You sometimes was in bad mood.
But our task modified and conducted.
You finally gives me good smile.
The fire flower in the sky beats in my heart during the time we saw with you.





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颯 Sou

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